In accordance with the founding principles of the web, the Credit Mutuel-CIC group agrees to provide you with an accessible website.

Accessibility policy

The website has been designed in compliance with web standards defined by W3C1, particularly the web content accessibility guidelines under the Web Accessibility Initiative. Consequently, this website is accessible to all Internet users, including older or disabled users with functional impairments.

Browser compatibility

The website offers you the best experience with the latest generations of browsers, while continuing to be accessible by older browsers. If you have difficulties reading the website, you may disable all CSS style sheets (see the options of your browser). The website will remain fully usable; only the presentation will be affected.

Quick access menu

This is a fast browsing menu placed at the start of each of our pages. It allows internet users who use the voice mode or when CSS style sheets are disabled. It contains a list of links for direct access to the search page part (browsing, content, site plan etc.) with no need to browse the whole page up to the required information.

Keyboard shortcuts

Internet users who do not use a mouse can use keyboard shortcuts to browse the website easily: :

  • 0 = Accessibility policy
  • 1 = Legal information
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  • 4 = CM-CIC showcase website

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1 The World Wide Web Consortium, shortened to W3C, is a consortium founded in October 1994 to promote the compatibility of World Wide Webtechnology.

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